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Teaching Learing Approach

  • Homework Projects: HIC believes that revision is the key technique to remember the textual concepts. That is why we always assign students as much homework as possible. Homework is checked and returned promptly each week for each subject. This helps the students to keep pace with their studies.

  • Educational Tours/Field Trips: HIC organizes research and practical oriented tours and field trips for their projects which are part of their syllabus on subjects like Population Studies, Sociology, Hotel Management, Marketing and Mass Communication.

  • Special Classes for Weak Students: Weak students selected from their send-up examinations are given special coaching classes aiming for the best output in their board exams.

  • Debates and Presentation: Interested students at HIC participate in public speaking. This is a part of the extra-curricular activities. Students are encouraged to participate in talks and presentations outside the college.

  • Guest Lectures: In order to make students acquainted with latest works and theories on the subjects, guest lecturers from among reputed teachers, writers, business persons, bankers are invited.

  • Use of Audio-Visual: In order to enhance the teaching skills and make learning more effective, HIC constantly takes the help of modern teaching techniques by using power point and videos.

  • Handouts System: The teachers provide students handouts as supporting materials on their given lessons. But students have to prepare their own notes referring to the class lectures, text books, reference books and the given handouts.

  • Interaction with Parents and Guardians: HIC really keeps on regular interaction with parents and guardians before and after each terminal examination. The Principal, Academic In-charge, Coordinators, Counselors and the concerned faculty subject teachers discuss the academic performance of the students with parents or guardians. The interaction with parents and guardians is also undertaken when students have serious problem with their studies, discipline and irregularities in their classes.