+2 Management is studied by those who are interested to be engaged in the business sector. In this subject, various knowledge regarding organizational activities, processes and operations, principles and different types of managerial roles are included. Besides these, different forms of business organizations, goals and importance are also included in this course. This faculty is tailored with the motive to make a strong foundation for managerial studies. It provides both practical as well as theoretical knowledge regarding this field. Management studies make students more knowledgeable, skillful, confident and competent. Mainly, this helps them to understand the concepts of how the business world functions. In +2 level, business related subjects are taught to students of business as well as hotel management.

HIC provides
  • Well experienced teachers
  • Subject wise individual and group presentation
  • Special classes for needy students
  • Various online programs
  • Subjects
    Compulsary Subjects
    Grade 11 Grade 12
    C.English C.English
    C.Nepali C.Nepali
    C.Social Studies and Life Skills Education C.Social Studies and Life Skills Education

    Optional Subjects
    Grade 11 & Grade 12
    Economics or
    Travel and Tourism
    Hotel Management
    Computer Science
    Business Studies