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We Provide University, College and School Education

Founded in 2063 B.S. (2006 A.D.) under the umbrella of Herald Education Network, Herald International College has emerged as one of the best academic institutions in Nepal. It is run by a team of dedicated educationists, professionals and renowned academicians. Our students, faculties and staff share a commitment to work hard for the advancement of our society. Recognized as an academic center for teaching-learning in Nepal, HIC is committed to providing the quality education at affordable fees to secondary and bachelor's degree students to enable them to face the contemporary challenges.

  • HIC is an outstanding academic institution, which is striving to become a center for excellence in the respective field.
  • It aims at empowering the youths to face the needs and challenges of the 21stcentury under the expert guidance and mentorship of renowned academicians.
  • Our Vision

    To produce human resources, who can lead society and country for their transformation and prosperity through vibrant social, economic and scientific activities.

    Our Mission

    HIC aspires to contribute towards vibrant transformation and prosperity of the Nepali society through the availability of competitive human resources in the field of Science, Humanities and Business Management.

    How can I be benifited?

  • Power Point for teaching learning activity.
  • E-library
  • Well equipped modern labs for physics, Chemistry, Biology & Computer labs
  • Transport facilities when needed
  • About Us

    Our Features

    Homework Projects

    HIC believes that revision is a key to remember the textual concepts. The teachers assign the students homework right after a chapter is over. The homework is checked and returned promptly each week. This helps students maintain pace with their studies.

    Educational Tours/Field Trips

    HIC organizes research as well as practical oriented tours and field trips for their projects, which are a part of their syllabus of subjects like Population Studies, Sociology, Hotel Management, Marketing, Mass Communication, and Travel and Tourism.

    Special Classes for Weak Students

    Weak students identified from term exams are given special coaching classes so that they get prepared well for their board exam.

    Debates and Presentations

    Interested students can participate in public speaking. This is a part of the extra-curricular activities. Moreover, as a part of regular teaching-learning, students give presentations on the concerned topics. HIC encourages and supports them to participate in debates and presentations outside the college as well.

    Interaction with Parents/Guardians

    HIC maintains regular interactions with parents and guardians before and after each terminal examination. The Principal, In-charges, Coordinators, Counselors and the concerned faculty subject teachers discuss the academic performance of the students with parents or guardians. HIC interacts with parents or guardians when their children have serious problems regarding their studies, discipline and regularity.

    Guest Lectures

    In order to make students acquainted with latest works and theories on the subjects in their syllabi, eminent personalities from relevant fields are invited as guest lecturers.

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    Why us?

    Why Herald?

  • To impart contemporary and globally relevant knowledge and skills in the respective field of education.
  • To instill confidence, creativity, positive attitude, moral values, and entrepreneurial traits in students.
  • To provide interaction between academic and real-life situations through active collaboration with private sector, government institutions, I/NGOs and renowned personalities.
  • To build and consolidate strategic alliance with reputed national and international agencies of higher education.
  • To contribute towards the availability of competent human resources that can cater to the challenging needs of domestic and international markets.
  • Academics

    Teaching Learning methods

    HIC has adopted the state-of-the-art student-centered teaching-learning method. We believe that learning cannot be effective unless a student is motivated towards the contents of respective subjects. Students, therefore, are encouraged to participate in the teaching-learning process physically as well as mentally. In addition to class room lectures, we consistently apply learning methods such as group discussion, case studies, excursions, project works and presentations to broaden exposure, knowledge and skills of students.

    Herald's Belief:

  • Inculcating moral values in students.
  • Imparting contemporary and globally relevant education.
  • Proper blend of modern need-based education with moral values.
  • Building confidence and positive attitude in students so that they are able to lead their respective fields in the future
  • Academics


    The academic evaluation system encourages students to undertake a continuous process of assignment. Our evaluation system has been designed to keep students continually informed of their performance in as per the required standards of academic achievements. Evaluation is conducted with our unique system, which ensures that students are prepared for success in the final exams. Herald conducts the following tests and examinations in each academic year

  • Class TestStudents have to sit for surprise and regular unit tests of related subjects in the respective periods.
  • Terminal ExaminationsTwo Terminal Examinations are held in each academic year, mostly before Dashain Vacation and Winter Vacation. The duration of these examinations depends on the syllabus covered by the subject teachers.
  • Pre-Board Examination: Pre-board examination is held a few weeks before the Board Examination. Progress reports of terminal and pre-board examinations are handed over to the parents/guardians
  • Academics


    A number of scholarships will be provided to the deserving students on the basis of their previous results and their performance in the HIC entrance exam. Furthermore, additional scholarships will be provided on the basis of students’ performance in their Board Exam and terminal exams.